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Gamrfeed optician

about us.

We’re a family-owned business, and you can make our day a little brighter and more memorable for a little price. Our objective is for you to feel at ease and safe knowing that we’re here to assist you. We’re a fun, fast-paced environment where athletes of all talents and fitness levels are welcome. The Academy is the nerve centre of your team. We’ve been in business for a long time and place a high priority on our customers. Glasses or eye care is a highly important topic that we treat with great care. We provide a diverse selection of high-quality glasses and accessories.



KODAK Eyeglass Lenses

Kodak lenses may produce the most vibrant, vibrant colours you’ve ever seen. For natural eye movement, Kodak Precise is a superior upgraded progressive lens featuring a spacious near zone, a smooth transitional zone, and a clear far zone. Kodak’s precise lenses give clear vision at all distances. These were made with the use of a revolutionary new mathematical method called Vision First Design.

DRIVEWEAR Transitions Lenses

DRIVEWEAR Transitions Lenses, which use polarisation to improve vision when driving, can assist you in seeing better on the road. Polarization reduces glare from the road and the car hood, which is one of the most prevalent complaints among drivers who wear glasses. As the light conditions vary, Transitions photochromic technology changes the hue and tint of the lenses, giving optimal colour and clarity for driving. Drivewear glasses can detect and adapt to changing light conditions both outside and behind the car’s windscreen. Drivewear lenses give you with the ideal optical solution for each situation, from bright sunshine and blinding glare to cloudy dismal weather conditions.

Varilux X-Series Progressive Lenses

Transitioning from near to far away, and every other distance in between, is a breeze with Varilux lenses. The Varilux® X-Series® lenses feature all of the benefits of Varilux Comfort® lenses, plus they calculate your lenses as a pair using both of your prescriptions, allowing your eyes to work better together.

CRIZAL Prevencia Lenses

Thanks to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we’re staring at displays more than ever before. All much time in front of the screen may be hard on the eyes and cause eye strain. CRIZAL’s Prevencia lenses are upgraded single vision lenses that provide clearer vision than standard single vision lenses. Most of their lenses include the Smart Blue FilterTM feature, which reduces exposure to Harmful Blue Light.


It was quite difficult for me to drive, particularly at night when other drivers’ car beam lights are kept very bright, so I went to an optometrist and he prescribed me special glasses, which I found here after much searching.



Exposure to ultra violet radiation is one of the most prevalent causes of vision problems. Generally, branded lenses offer better UV protection as well as protection from Blue Light generated by digital devices. Normal to low-quality lenses, on the other hand, look to be effective but really harm your eyesight over time. As a result, the number of glasses you require may rise. Lenses of poor quality do not always give comfortable viewing from all angles. A thorough impact resistance test is performed on superior quality lenses. This is because there is a substantial risk of crushing and severe harm to the eyes in the case of an unexpected effect or accident.